Alli’s love for music started at a very young age.  Along with her natural talent to sing, she taught herself to play the piano and guitar.  As her music is inspired by some of the most legendary solo artists, she strives to make her own notoriety in the music industry.  Alli is debuting her career with a song that’s subtle and sweet, to just give her fans and listeners a sample of her talent.  “Let’s Play Pretend” is the perfect introduction to much more we can expect from this new solo artist. Alli delivers with a style and delivery beyond her teen years.  “Let’s Play Pretend” features original lyrics by the singer/songwriter and is produced by D’Aceman Johnson of Ace Spin Records.   This song showcases Alli’s eclectic sound and is sure to appeal to R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and acoustic music fans alike.  Please listen to her new single and let us know what you think.

Let’s Play Pretend is available on iTunes, Amazon, and other music stores!

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